Dog Walking

How does it work?

For most people, over the last few years the requirement to work longer hours has increased. Subsequently, the time we get to spend with our families and pets is decreasing. Leaving your dog in the house for prolonged periods throughout the week isn’t ideal. Totally Wagged Out can solve this problem by collecting your dog at a time that is convenient to you and taking them on a fun and exciting walk, either 1 to 1 or as part of a small group. Once the walk is complete your dog will be towelled off, watered, rewarded and returned to your house. Regular dog walking ensures your dog remains fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

Group Walks:

Group walks help in the socialisation of our dogs. Socialisation is what affects a dog’s behaviour in and out of the home environment. If dogs are not socialised with other animals and humans they will become fearful and anxious resulting in aggression and an overall reduction in the quality of their life. This type of walk would be recommended for most dogs.

1 to 1 Walks:

1 to 1 walks are ideal for dogs that may already have mild behavioural issues or display signs of mild aggression. It is a great way of slowly introducing them to other dog walkers and dogs we may come across. If your dog is elderly or a breed that requires less exercise then perhaps a 1 to 1 session would also be better suited.

Dog Day Care

How does it work?

Some dogs experience separation anxiety when their owners have left the house. This is a traumatic time for the dog and usually results in your dog howling or barking when you leave. In some cases dogs may become destructive when left alone, chewing, urinating or defecating around your home. The last thing you need when you’ve come home from a busy day! Totally Wagged Out provides a service that minimises the amount of time your dog is left alone. Your dog can either be collected and returned or dropped off on your way to work…whichever suits your morning routine. Your dog will accompany me throughout the day on various walks and have the opportunity to play with toys and relax in our home.

Going on holiday?

Totally Wagged Out can provide overnight care for your dog whilst you are on holiday. This a comforting alternative to boarding kennels for dogs that may become distressed whilst their owners are away. To reduce disruption to your dog's routine we request owners bring their dog's bedding, favourite toys, food or anything else that they are familiar with.

Prior to any arrangements being finalised we will request several meetings with you and your dog to ensure that your dog is happy to be with us as much as we are happy to be with them.

Small Animal Care

How does it work?

After increasing popularity Totally Wagged Out now offers small animal care too! We understand that it can often be difficult to find someone to look after your smaller animals when you’re away on holiday. Our service is a great solution to all of your small pet care needs. With extensive experience of smaller animals including Cats, Rabbits and Birds we can offer feeding, watering and cleaning.

Standard visits range from 15 to 30 minutes dependant on your instructions. During the consultation we will discuss you and your pets needs and requirements, we can administer medication to your pet if necessary.

We will also bring in your mail, open/close curtains, put out your wheelie bins and water plants to give your home that lived in look.